Badin Clay Busters Trap Team


The Stephen T. Badin High School Student Clay Buster trap team is the first and

only Ohio high School sponsored shooting team. This unique quality allows the Clay

Buster Trap team to provide the opportunity for the students that are interested in competitive

shooting a place to become educated in Firearm safety and compete in a variety of Local,

State and National competitions.  The goal of the Clay Buster Trap team is to develop the

skills, passion, and motivation to become a lifelong participant in the shooting sports and teach the team member the necessary desire to give back to the sport.


What are the project/program goals, objectives, and activities?

The goals for the Badin High School Clay Busters Trap team is to introduce and teach the student the basic NRA guidelines for firearms safety, range safety and procedures of basic shotgun training. 

The team’s primary objective is to encourage participation on all levels from the first time shooter to the experienced adult, we want to teach the students the sport of shooting.  In addition, we want to provide the framework to show how to become an ambassador of the sport of shooting.

The Clay Busters Trap team activities have been designed to provide a broad range of experiences on and off the range. The team will be introduced and participate in both AIM and SCTP programs and competitions. In addition, the students have the expectation to give back to the community thru various opportunities and philanthropic endeavors.  The ultimate goal for the Clay Buster Trap team member is to become a well-rounded individual with the respect of the sport of shooting and the community they reside in now and the future.  One of the Clay Busters Trap team goals was achieved this year during the team’s participation at the AIM Grand National in Sparta Illinois. 


Who will carry out the goals, objectives and activities?


The implementation and follow thru of the Clay Busters Trap teams mission is a combined effort of a number of groups and individuals.  The team would not be possible without our affiliation with two local gun associations.  The Butler County Sportsman Club, 2131 Millville Ave, Hamilton, Ohio 45013 is the location of the club's Thursday weekly practice session and sponsors the end of the year awards ceremony and multi-gun safety introduction session.  The Fairfield Sportsmen’s Association, 6501 River Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030 is the location for the team’s weekly Sunday practice and hosts the NRA certification class on shotgun for the team coaches.  Middletown Sportsmen's Club, 6943 Michael Road, Middletown, Ohio 45042 is the location for the AIM State Championship which is hosted by the Clay Busters Trap team.  Stephen T. Badin High School has become the front-runner in Ohio to show how a High School team can provide a trap competitive shooting experience as part of the high school’s athletic program.