Clay Busters 101 for Team Members

& Parents


If you're new to the team, we realize it can all be a little overwhelming. Here's a breakdown of how things work so you have some idea of what to expect.


Communication will be by email. Keep an eye out for practice reminders, event information, etc.


Equipment- the club has guns that you can use but you will need to have your own eye and ear protection. You will pay for your own ammunition for the shoots and many shooters like to have a pouch/belt/vest that holds their shells. Spectators also need eye and ear protection.


The practices are held twice a week and will be noted via email.


The shoots will be local amongst the Fairfield Sportsmen's Association and The Middletown Sportsmen's Club. There are also several shoots at the Cardinal Shooting Center in Marengo, Ohio (just north of Columbus) and a National shoot in Sparta, IL. There is a fee for each shoot and you will also need to be prepared to purchase approximately 200 rounds of ammunition for each shoot. When shoots are held in Columbus, many people will go up and spend the night ahead as we usually need to be there early. Hotel

information will be shared via email approximately a week before the Columbus shoots and several weeks before the Nationals in Sparta.


The fundraising we do pays for ammunition during practices and fees for a couple of the shoots. In addition, it also helps to cover fees at the practice locations.


The food is what excites the shooters the most at our events, next to shooting well, of course. Lunches are typically planned in a potluck style with each family pitching in. You will receive emails announcing the theme for the day and offering the opportunity for you to choose what to bring. We set up canopy-style tents with tables, crockpots, etc. underneath and food is served between shooting times. You will want to be sure to bring your own drinks to go with the meals.


The weather is insane and unpredictable! Yes, that's the best we can say about it. :) We have shot in rain, sleet and snow as well as 100 degree temperatures. Since we shoot from March through September, we really do see it all. Shoots are only paused for lightning and dangerous weather situations. Rain and snow do not count. Be sure to check the weather and bring any equipment needed. Blankets and umbrellas can be especially beneficial. Sunscreen and bug spray can also be helpful and those folding sports chairs are perfect as there is rarely any seating available. Bring a cooler with drinks and snacks as the shoots are typically day-long affairs. You might also want to bring some cash in case you need to buy a hot cup of coffee from a vendor as many of them will not take credit cards.