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Mark Arnold

Mark co-founded the Badin Clay Busters team in 2011.  He is the head coach of the team. Mark is an NRA L1 Coach and is the AIM State of Ohio Director. Mark pushes his athletes to compete against their own success and scores while constantly reminding them to most importantly, have fun!


Chris Kraemer

Chris started coaching the Clay Busters in 2014.  He is a NRA L1 Coach and FFLA Dealer. Chris is the Clay Busters gun smith and gun advisor.  He is an expert in firearm repair and mechanisms.  Chris assists in teaching firearms safety to new and current shooters.




Ron started coaching the Clay Busters in 2014.  He is a NRA L1 Coach.  Ron is  in charge of the teams fundraising efforts and acquiring our sponsors.  He assists with the training of new and current trapshooters while on and off the line.




Chris joined the Clay Busters as an 8th grader.  He was a team captain his sophomore  junior and senior year.  After high school, Chris went on to shoot for Lindenwood University.  Chris is always helping team members work on their strategy and narrow down their skills.

In loving memory of Coach Ron Meinzer,

Co-Founder of the Badin Clay Busters

We have many coaches and parents who assist the team in various ways.  If interested in coaching contact Coach Mark, NRA training is necessary.  Thank you to the parents who coach and help us each season!

Student Team Captains: Zack Wagner, Jake Graf, Ethan Gibson, and Lauren Flick

Head Coach: Mark Arnold; Certified NRA L1 Coach, Instructor, RSO

Assistant Coach: Chris Kraemer; Certified NRA L1 Coach, Shoot Coordinator, Gunsmith

Assistant Coach: Ron Wagner; Certified NRA L1 Coach, Education, Raffle Coordinator

Assistant Coach: Chris Arnold; Certified NRA Coach, NRA Instructor, SCTP Trainer, Skeet and Sporting Clays

Assistant Coach: Kyle Kraemer; Certified NRA Coach, Trap, Safety and Education

Assistant Coach: Joe Spade; Master at Arms

Assistant Coach: Todd Helton; Certified NRA Instructor, Ammo Coordinator, Hotel Coordinator

Assistant Coach: Craig Jacobs; Gunsmith

Assistant Coach: Scott Flick; NRA Coach, Gratitude Coordinator, Sponsorship Coordinator

Assistant Coach: Darren Gibson; NRA Coach

Assistant Coach: Tim Ross; Ammo Coordinator, Travel Coordinator

Assistant Coach: Mike Graf; Safety Officer

Photographer and Fee Collection: Alison Helton

Digital Media Specialist: Taylor Helton

Fundraising Co-Chairs: Alison Helton, Linda Arnold, Ann Kraemer, Cheryl Wagner

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